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       Jiaxing Bailing Enterprise is located in HangjiahuPingyuan of Yangtze River delta in China. It sites in center location of Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province----Zhouxuji Town, Huanggu Town. It’s about 100 kilometer from Shanghai urban area, 110 kilometer from Hangzhou urban area, 100 kilometer from Ningbo urban area. The south is famous Jiu Long Mountain traveling scenic spot of shore of the Hangzhou Bay, Jiaxing Zhapu Oriental huge Port to west. It’s about 20 kilometer from Hangzhou Bay Bridge. There have beautiful scenery, fecund soil and convenient land and water transportation.
      Our enterprise now covers an area 47958 square meters, building area 37222 square meters. Enterprise is equipped with capital asserts more than 95 million and employees more than 2580. Our enterprise is a comprehensive company that combines garment, computer embroidery, screen printing, printing, overseas employment service and building engineering construction; consists of : Jiaxing Bailing Garments Co., Ltd, Jiaxing Baiyun Garments Co., Ltd, Jiaxing Bailing Foreign Labor Cooperation Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Chengcheng Construction Co., Ltd, Shanghai Bailing Trade Co., Ltd, Jiaxing Bailing Printing Co., Ltd, Pinghu Bailing Huamao Garments Conditioning Factory and other two Sino-Japanese joint venture enterprises, four limited liability companies, one partnership. In 2015, our enterprise has reached production value of more than 350 million yuan, profit and tax of more than 28 million yuan.
1. Jiaxing Bailing Garments Co., Ltd.
Jiaxing Bailing Garments Co., Ltd was established in 8th Nov, 1999 and established with Japan Mr. Guozhong Daodu. It has been introduced garments special equipments 400, high speed flat sewing machines 650 from Japan. It is equipped with 23 garments production lines, one Japan CAD type-setting system and professional garments series production. Our annual throughput are jacket 350 thousand, trousers 3 million, shirt 250 thousand. These products are mainly exported to Japan, European Union and other countries and regions, 100% export.
Company has established kept long business relationship with Itochu, Sojitz and other Japanese customers. We has won the trust and reputation of customers. Annual sale reaches 180 million , annual profit reaches 120 million. Company has established and kept long business relationship with Itochu, Sojitz and other Japanese customers.
2. Jiaxing Baiyun Garments Co., Ltd.
Jiaxing Baiyun Garments Co., Ltd was established in 24th March, 2004 and established with Japan Rixian Crafts Limited Liability Company, registered capital is US Dollar 1 million and 50 thousand. It has been introduced 7 Pailingda automatic computer embroidery machines, 3 Tiandao automatic computer embroidery machines, 5 Damei automatic computer embroidery machines from Japan. It has purchased 20 printing production lines and more than 3500 bedplates. It is equipped with mucilage, cream, printing ink, sparkle, plank board and various plus materials(like flat fitting fabric, looped fabric, waterproof fabric, leather, apparel, sweater and so on). Company is specialized in embroidery and printing of various garments and crafts. It adopts Japanese advanced production technology and management method. Annual production capability: embroidery 16 million Thousand needles, sales 5 million yuan; printing 2.5 million(pieces), sales 15 million yuan, annual sales profit 3.5 million yuan.
Because of advanced production equipments, strict management, strong technical force, company has established and kept long business relationship with more than 100 garments enterprises in Pinghu, Haiyan, Jiaxing, Shanghai and surrounding area, won the trust and reputation of customers.
3. Jiaxing Bailing Foreign Labor Cooperation Co., Ltd.
Company is established in 2006, it is a special mediator which provides overseas employment service and was approved by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce. The registered capital is 1million. Employees is equipped with relevant professional certificates, versed professional knowledge and overseas job experience.
Company has wide overseas employment relationship and has established foreign labor Cooperation relationship with Japan Taikusi International Communication Cooperative Associations and Japan Taikunuomeitao Cooperative Associations. The two Japanese cooperative associations are professional employment mediators in Japan. They are equipped with wide business net and profound overseas labor agent experience.
On the basis of “Integrity-based, enthusiastic service” principle, company always aims at resolving surplus labor force in China and fully raising the comprehensive quality of workers. We grasp in time information of overseas labor market, exploit overseas employment area, and sincerely provide service for overseas employed person. 
4. Pinghu Bailing Huamao Garments Conditioning Factory
Company was founded in Oct, 1999. It has been introduced advanced conditioning technology from Japan. Company adopts Japanese imported raw material to finish garments conditioning, provides wide resolving methods for various problems during garment production process and has reached perfect conditioning impact; At the same time, company provides position skill training for stuffs, strictly executes conditioning steps, carefully checks every conditioning products and makes sure to meet customer’s requirement.
Conditioning business including: aberration, irregular, besmirch, watermark, white stripes and so on of various apparels. “Advanced technology, delicate treatment”, Bailing Conditioning will do best to reduce your unnecessary loss!
Reputation and benefit of enterprise depends on if products quality can stand the using test of customers. Enterprise always put the products quality at the first. We will work hard to attain the quality first, delivery in time and meet customers’ need. 
From now on, our company are quickly heading in diversified and multilevel direction. At the same time of producing exported garments, company will exploit domestic market, manufacture various types which is suit for all age groups and consumer levels. Depend on own advantage, create Bailing own brand.
Chairman Mr. Sun Fugeng with all employees warmly welcome all customers domestic and abroad to visit us! And sincerely wish you prosperous in business and develop together!

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